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Workplace Culture

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Workplace Culture
  • What is AAPI Heritage Month?

    Gain a richer understanding of how to observe AAPI Heritage Month company-wide in May, engaging all employees in celebrating the many contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to American culture, including how to extend the value of this raised awareness throughout the year.

  • How to Mitigate Recruitment Bias

    Bias, whether conscious or unconscious, negatively impacts any organization’s recruitment process Discover the four key action steps you can take to mitigate recruitment bias and support a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion at your company.

  • 4 Reasons Why Diversity Programs Usually Fail

    Position your DEI program for success by examining four common reasons that cause some programs to fail. Learn to avoid the pitfalls of executive resistance, diversity fatigue, and lack of training, by creating a program that’s focused on systems and behavior change.

  • How To Navigate Traumatic News Events as an Organization

    Traumatic events in the news can have long-lasting adverse effects on employees, who are likely to react in a variety of ways. By keeping this in mind, you can help your employees through tough times and create an environment that makes those within it feel safe and respected.

  • How to Implement Inclusion Strategies

    Put your company’s inclusion strategies into action and increase your employees’ sense of belonging by following these recommended steps related to policies and processes; meetings, schedules, and events; and, work environments.

  • Does Bias Training Work?

    Learn how to ensure that your organization’s investment in implicit or unconscious bias training has a positive impact, organization-wide. Avoid the pitfalls that cause some bias training to be ineffective, and get three valuable keys for success.

  • How to Find Diversity Training Near Me

    There are many purveyors of diversity training from which to choose. Explore how to identify the training partner that will make the best, and most lasting, impact on your organization based on their track record, resources, curriculum, delivery technology, and ongoing support.

  • Why You Should Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

    Educate yourself about National Native American Heritage month which pays tribute to the contributions of Indigenous and Alaskan Native people every November,. Special celebrations and cultural programming throughout the month provide opportunities to critically reexamine our history.

  • Respecting Diversity in Multinational Organizations

    With more and more companies doing business globally, employees must be proactive about respecting their colleagues from other cultures and executives must know how to build cultures of inclusion where everyone feels welcome.

  • What is a Hostile Work Environment?

    Focus on the variety of factors that can make a work environment hostile or abusive. Find out why harassment is an illegal form of employment discrimination and what your company can do to prevent it, address it, and bring it to a halt.

  • How Should We Celebrate Global Diversity Month?

    October is Global Diversity Month, a time to appreciate the diversity of cultures, communities, and customs around the world. Here are a few ways to celebrate Global Diversity Month at home, in the workplace, and in your community.

  • How to Commemorate Memorial Day in the Workplace

    Use this guidance to ensure your organization marks Memorial Day in ways that are respectful, appropriate, and meaningful. Strengthen feelings of inclusion, particularly for those with personal connections to this annual holiday, including veterans and military families.

  • How Do I Make My Organization Inclusive to People of All Ages?

    Recognize that ageism is just as serious as any other form of discrimination. Learn how to address ageism in your company’s policies, operating procedures, and DEI initiatives to ensure a welcoming, inclusive, and productive culture.

  • How Do I Make My Organization More Diverse?

    Want to increase the diversity of your workforce? Follow these best practices to build a recruiting pipeline that sources more underrepresented candidates, strategic partnerships that improve your brand recognition with diverse communities, and an interview process that mitigates unconscious bias.

  • Racial Equity: Turning Statements Into Actionable Strategies

    Educate yourself about the many ways that you and your company can translate a verbal commitment to racial equity into visible, tangible actions that begin to redress centuries of systemic racial inequality and make a positive difference in your community.

  • Accommodating Religion and Spirituality in the Workplace

    Understand why religious and spiritual accommodations should be a key consideration for any employer. Learn about creating an inclusive workplace with regard to religious and spiritual beliefs.

  • Tips for Designing Diversity Month Programming

    Make your organization’s celebration of Diversity Month both informative and inspiring to all with this list of great suggestions. Learn how combining facts and figures with food, art, music, and games is a recipe for fun, education, and company-wide engagement.

  • Actionable Steps to Celebrate Black History Month

    Learn why the actions your company takes and the relationships you build during Black History Month can generate benefits that last long beyond February. Leverage these five great suggestions for impactful programming that increases employee engagement and drives community collaboration.

  • How Should I Celebrate Black History Month?

    Take a closer look at Black History Month, when and why it was established, and inspiring ways to celebrate it. Consider the importance of encouraging everyone in your organization to participate, learn, and honor Black Americans, not only throughout the month but throughout the year.

  • Turning Employee Engagement into Employee Retention

    Explore why the impact of current events is motivating many employees to seek new job opportunities. Tap into timely advice for retaining your current employees by engaging them in ways that strengthen their connections to your company and each other.

  • How Can I Support the Only Woman on My Team?

    Women still face pay inequity, covert discrimination, and unconscious bias. Learn actionable steps to be more inclusive and support your women colleagues as an ally. And remember, these are great tips to follow if you have one woman teammate or a hundred.

  • What are the Costs of a Negative Workplace Culture?

    Negative workplace cultures take a toll on the health and well-being of all employees, and the financial success of the business. Let’s explore a few costs associated with toxic workplaces and how to avoid them.

  • What is Global Diversity Month?

    October is Global Diversity Month, a celebration of diversity in cultures around the world. This month-long celebration reminds us to stay connected, to appreciate each other, and to celebrate our multicultural identities.

  • Stay Interviews Help Keep Employees Happy and Engaged

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