Integrating DEI

Integrating DEI

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Integrating DEI
  • How Can Startup CEOs Prioritize DEI When Having Difficulty Finding Candidates?

    Learn why startup CEOs can't afford to save DEI implementation for later in their company's growth. In order to gain investment, win in the marketplace, and retain top talent, DEI must be a strategic priority from the very beginning.

  • Balancing Individual and Infrastructure Change

    Open your awareness to the valuable insight that DEI initiatives must impact both people and processes to drive meaningful organizational change. Take stock of the many internal systems you need to infuse with DEI as you simultaneously encourage individuals to join in and take action.

  • How to Write a DEI Strategy

    Recognize the critical importance of creating a DEI strategy and capturing your plan in a written document. Follow this expert guidance on the steps to take to develop and draft your strategic plan for DEI, and the best sequence to address them.

  • Core Competencies for Leading DEI

    Before you hire a or name a DEI leader at your organization, review this insightful list of skills and competencies DEI leaders must have to excel in this pivotal role. Confirm why relationship-building, communications, strategic thinking, and data analysis skills rise to the top.

  • Does Bias Training Work?

    Learn how to ensure that your organization’s investment in implicit or unconscious bias training has a positive impact, organization-wide. Avoid the pitfalls that cause some bias training to be ineffective, and get three valuable keys for success.

  • How to Determine DEI Priorities

    Here is wise guidance for tackling your DEI initiatives in priority sequence. Leverage this proven approach to achieve early wins that require less effort and resources and you’ll gain traction toward long-term success.

  • Accommodating Religion and Spirituality in the Workplace

    Understand why religious and spiritual accommodations should be a key consideration for any employer. Learn about creating an inclusive workplace with regard to religious and spiritual beliefs.

  • How to Connect with Senior Leaders

    As a DEI practitioner, you’ll benefit from this insightful advice for gaining the attention and support of your company’s senior leaders. Learn to position yourself as both their trusted advisor and resident DEI expert.

  • How Should Change-Agents Focus Their Energy When Trying to Improve an Org?

    It can be overwhelming to take on the change-agent role in an organization that has so far to go regarding DEI. This video breaks down the first step you should take so ensure success in improving your organization.

  • How to Establish a DEI Advisory Council

    Learn how to create and manage a DEI Advisory Council. Find out how this diverse group of advisors and advocates, representing every level of your organization, can help inform and support your company’s DEI strategy.

  • How Do I Diversify My Client Group or Customers?

    Learn how to grow your business by appealing to a more diverse client or customer base. These 5 steps will help you get started.

  • What is an Employee-Led Group?

    Broaden your understanding of groups led by and for employees. Confirm how the safe, supportive space provided by employee-led groups positively influences organizations and promotes DEI objectives. Get helpful advice on structuring these groups for optimal results.

  • How Should We Celebrate Global Diversity Month?

    October is Global Diversity Month, a time to appreciate the diversity of cultures, communities, and customs around the world. Here are a few ways to celebrate Global Diversity Month at home, in the workplace, and in your community.

  • ERGs: How to Move from Talk to Action

    Learn how to successfully implement employee resource groups by avoiding common pitfalls and making best use of ERG communities.

  • Respecting Diversity in Multinational Organizations

    With more and more companies doing business globally, employees must be proactive about respecting their colleagues from other cultures and executives must know how to build cultures of inclusion where everyone feels welcome.

  • Top Tips for Change Management

    Add to your management skill set by absorbing this proven approach to guiding teams through changes and times of transition. See how transitions unfold in three phases and learn to avoid the pitfall of rushing the process.

  • How to Establish a DEI Leadership Committee

    Consider forming a diverse steering committee of DEI champions -- including executives, board members, middle managers, and influential frontline employees -- to help guide and promote the success of your organization’s DEI initiatives.

  • Depoliticizing DEI

    Learn how to shift DEI thinking from "us versus them" to "we" to take the politics out of the conversation.

  • What is Global Diversity Month?

    October is Global Diversity Month, a celebration of diversity in cultures around the world. This month-long celebration reminds us to stay connected, to appreciate each other, and to celebrate our multicultural identities.

  • What is the ADKAR Model of Change?

    Discover the meaning of the acronym ADKAR, a behavior management model. Learn how the ADKAR approach can help leaders introduce changes to their teams by breaking down the process into 5 distinct stages.

  • Mitigating Cultural Challenges in Global Organizations

    In a multinational organization with employees of all different backgrounds, it’s common for some cultural challenges to arise. Learn how to mitigate cultural challenges in global organizations.

  • How Do I Create Job Satisfaction?

    Discover the factors that contribute to job satisfaction, and understand what your organization’s leadership can do to promote a positive work environment.

  • How Do You Engage More Young Professionals in Executive Board Development?

    Having diversity of age and generation is just as beneficial to board development as is having racial or gender diversity. Learn how to engage more young professionals on your board.

  • How Do I Test Employees for Cultural Competency?

    Cultural competency is a crucial skill set for many employees, especially those who work for multinational companies. Learn how to test your employees for cultural competency.