FEATURED: Older Americans Month

FEATURED: Older Americans Month

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FEATURED: Older Americans Month
  • What is Generational Diversity?

    Understand what “generational diversity” means and how it can positively impact your organization, as well as how to achieve generational diversity in the workplace and avoid ageism as an obstacle.

  • What is Age Diversity?

    Discover why integrating employees of all different ages results in teams that are more skilled, innovative, and productive. Consider the value that both older and younger employees bring to the mix and how cross-generational mentorships help employees of all ages become more competent.

  • What is Ageism?

    Clarify your understanding of ageism, the common manifestations of this form of bias, and its negative effects. Get helpful advice for addressing and eliminating ageism throughout your organization.

  • The Myth that Ageism is an Acceptable Prejudice

    Consider this compelling case for thoroughly rejecting society’s entrenched and pervasive bias against older people. See how this prejudice is based on false assumptions and how it unfairly stereotypes and marginalizes a sizable portion of our population, to the detriment of all.

  • How Do I Make My Organization More Age Diverse?

    Tap into these proven approaches and recommended action steps to increase the age diversity of your employee team, and by doing so add a broader range of valuable perspectives, skills, and experiences to your organization.

  • Inclusive Language for People of All Ages

    Here is common sense guidance for what language to use when speaking about the topic of age. Get up-to-date on what words are considered respectful when speaking to or about others, and avoid injecting age into a conversation or comment when the topic is irrelevant.

  • 5 Core Guidelines of Age Etiquette

    Ageism exists in the workplace for people of all age types. So, how do you avoid unintentionally offended your coworkers? Follow these 5 principles of age etiquette to foster a respectful and inclusive workplace culture.

  • Combating Age-Related Bias at Work

    Follow these four recommendations to root out age-based bias throughout your organization. Confirm why ageism is just as serious as any other form of discrimination and why eliminating it will create a team that is more adept, innovative, and productive.

  • Diversity Issues in the Tech Industry

    The technology industry has a long history of diversity challenges. Women, older workers, and people of color are especially disadvantaged when it comes to advancing into leadership positions or gaining traction as startup founders.

  • How Do I Make My Organization Inclusive to People of All Ages?

    Recognize that ageism is just as serious as any other form of discrimination. Learn how to address ageism in your company’s policies, operating procedures, and DEI initiatives to ensure a welcoming, inclusive, and productive culture.

  • 5 Steps to Be An Ally Against Ageism

    To combat ageism and become an effective ally to your coworkers of all ages, review and adopt these five straightforward practices. Understand the importance of listening, self-education, speaking up, addressing unconscious bias, and advocating for others to ending age-based bias.

  • What Are the Consequences of Ageism?

    Gain clarity on the definition of ageism and open your awareness to the wide range of its negative effects on employees’ mental health, self-esteem, and even their physical well-being. Learn the importance of making employees of all ages feel welcome, included, and accepted.