Inclusion in Action

Inclusion in Action

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Inclusion in Action
  • What To Do If You Suspect You're Being Paid Less Than Your Male Counterparts

    In this example video, learn the first steps to take if you suspect you’re being paid less than your male counterparts for doing the same work. Here are our suggested phrases to broach the topic respectfully with consideration of the Equal Pay Act and the gender gap between men and women.

  • How to React When a Coworker Says Something Racially Insensitive

    In this example video, learn how to correctly intervene when a coworker says something that’s racially insensitive.

  • Practicing Inclusive Language

    In this scenario-based video, you will be exposed to inclusive language faux pas and ways to correct them. Learn when certain descriptors are necessary versus inappropriate, how to avoid evoking tragedy when it's not present, and why "normal" is a poor choice of words. Speaking up can be scary, b...

  • How to Act as an Ally When a Coworker Comes Out

    What’s the best way to be an effective ally when a colleague comes out to you at work? Here’s a sample role play conversation that will help you learn to be respectful and supportive. Feel comfortable and authentic in the moment by practicing ahead of time.

  • What to Say When a Coworker Tells You They’re Transgender

    What should you say when a coworker tells you they’re transgender? Here is a sample role play conversation that will help you learn to be a good listener, trustworthy confidante, and supportive ally. Learn how to avoid one common pitfall.

  • How Do I Start a Conversation About Racial Inequity on My Team?

    Conversations about racial inequities can be difficult. In this example video, we show you how to bring up the issue of racial inequity with your direct supervisor or manager. The key is to focus on your direct observations, call out the injustice, and mention the business case for doing better.

  • How Can I Disrupt Bias Against Women?

    In this example video, learn how to interrupt everyday bias against the women in your office. Here is our suggested course of action to stop microaggressions in a firm, yet non-confrontational, manner.

  • How Do I Respond to a Microaggression?

    Learn what a microaggression is and how to use microinterruptions to interrupt microaggressions either as the person experiencing the microaggression or as an ally.

  • How to Give Feedback Inclusively

    As companies strive to be more inclusive, it’s common for managers to wonder about the best way to give employee feedback. In this example video, learn about best practices for providing inclusive feedback to colleagues and employees.

  • How to Practice Active Inclusion

    Recognize your role as a DEI champion to practice and promote inclusion in tangible ways on a daily basis. Learn the action steps to take and the questions to ask yourself to ensure you stay on track as a DEI leader, practitioner, and advocate.

  • How to Respond to Anti-LGBTQ+ Discrimination

    Learn how to gently but firmly respond to anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination in the moment, by explaining what the problem is with what the person said or did and offering an alternative.

  • Mitigating Bias in Hiring

    Bias can affect the job interview process in innumerable ways, most of which go unnoticed. In this example video, learn how to mitigate hiring bias by enlisting a diverse group of interviewers to ask standardized, skill-based questions.

  • The Value of Lived Experience

    Lived experience is the idea that people bring deep value and insight to organizations based on the factors that make them distinct. Different perspectives merge profit and purpose by utilizing and learning from people’s unique viewpoints.

  • Diversity without Inclusion

    This scenario-based video exemplifies the difference between diversity and inclusion. Laura has a seat at the table, but is not being encourage to make a meaningful contribution to the conversation. Learn why diversity is thwarted without true inclusion.

  • How To Respond to Employee Complaints

    In this video, learn how to respond to employee complaints as a leader in your organization. It’s important to show genuine respect and concern, as well as to respond to all complaints in a timely manner.

  • 10 Actions You Can Take Today to Be More Inclusive At Work

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  • How to Ask for Someones Pronouns

    Learn how to respectfully ask for someone's pronouns and how to respond should the person be open or closed to sharing.