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  • 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating ERGs

    Review this list of 10 common mistakes to avoid when creating an Employee Resource Group (also known as a Business Resource Group or affinity group) and you’ll have a helpful, step-by-step blueprint for approaching this objective in the best possible way.

  • What is an ERG?

    Here’s a helpful overview of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), the reasons why companies form them, and how they engage and benefit employees who join them. Learn the most common types of ERGs and best practices for conducting them productively.

  • Starting an ERG at Your Organization

    Here’s a brief, helpful introduction to Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), a description of the value they deliver, and best practices for starting one, including finding an executive sponsor, securing a budget, and defining your goals.

  • Steps for Diversifying Your Board

    Diverse boards make better decisions and improve business outcomes. Learn five key actions to take that will help diversify your Board of Directors, Board Advisory, and future board member pipeline.

  • How to Establish a DEI Advisory Council

    Learn how to create and manage a DEI Advisory Council. Find out how this diverse group of advisors and advocates, representing every level of your organization, can help inform and support your company’s DEI strategy.

  • Recruiting ERG Members

    Get great suggestions for inviting and engaging employee participation in Employee Resource Groups, or ERGs. Confirm why endorsements from your CEO and executive sponsor are critical to success, and how ERG collaboration increases both engagement and impact.

  • What is an Employee-Led Group?

    Broaden your understanding of groups led by and for employees. Confirm how the safe, supportive space provided by employee-led groups positively influences organizations and promotes DEI objectives. Get helpful advice on structuring these groups for optimal results.

  • What are ERGs? Are They the Same as BRGs? Affinity Groups?

    Learn the different between ERGs, BRGs, and affinity groups, and why each stands to benefits your organization.

  • The Anatomy of an Employee-Led DEI Group: ERGs, BRGs, and More

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  • Crafting an Effective ERG Mission Statement

    Clear, concise statements of your group’s mission, vision, and values will make your ERG transparent, accessible, and inclusive to all. Learn how to write an effective mission statement for your Employee Resource Group, or ERG.

  • How ERGs Build Inclusive Workplace Cultures

    Explore the various ways that Employee Resource Groups (or ERGs) help to build inclusive workplace cultures. Discover why ERGs bring positive benefits to a company’s recruiting, hiring, retention, career development, and mentorship programs, and contribute to thought leadership.

  • ERGs: How to Move from Talk to Action

    Learn how to successfully implement employee resource groups by avoiding common pitfalls and making best use of ERG communities.

  • Why Board Diversity Matters

    Having a board that's diverse across race, gender, sexual orientation, age, generation, life experience, and more, has the potential to increase your company's innovation, employee satisfaction, and bottom line. Learn how in this video!

  • How to Establish a DEI Leadership Committee

    Consider forming a diverse steering committee of DEI champions -- including executives, board members, middle managers, and influential frontline employees -- to help guide and promote the success of your organization’s DEI initiatives.

  • Choosing an Executive Sponsor for your ERG

    Find out why selecting the right executive sponsor is a critical early step for ensuring the success of your Employee Resource Group, or ERG. Get solid advice about the personal and professional qualities that make a C-suite executive the right candidate for this role.

  • Resourcing Equitably

    Learn how to resource equitably both internally and externally to your organization. Hear real-world examples of good first steps to take and the impact they drive.

  • Employee Resource Groups: An Anecdote

    Hear about Kurt's experience being in an Employee Resource Group for Black employees early in his career, including some of the common pitfalls and benefits of ERGs.