The Business Case & ROI

The Business Case & ROI

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The Business Case & ROI
  • Why Does Diversity and Inclusion Matter?

    Gain a better understanding of diversity and inclusion in the context of the workplace, the many ways to foster feelings of belonging and loyalty among your employees, and how an inclusive environment can unlock the impressive power of diversity throughout your organization.

  • Activating Growth with Multicultural Marketing

    By employing these best practices for inclusive marketing, you can maximize your company’s successful outreach to multicultural populations, build new customer relationships, and increase your return on marketing investment.

  • How Does DEI Impact Profitability?

    See the statistical results of research studies by respected international consulting firms confirming the overwhelmingly positive impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) on corporate profitability.

  • How Does DEI Support Sustainability?

    Examine the significant ways that DEI and environmental sustainability initiatives are tied to compatible, interrelated corporate values and strengthen each other. Consider how both drive customer loyalty, increase profitability, and are the hallmarks of successful, ethical companies.

  • What is DEI?

    Confirm the definitions of each component of the acronym DEI -- diversity, equity, and inclusion. Review the primary benefits that DEI delivers to organizations, their employees, and the customers they serve.

  • Integrating DEI Into Your Sales Kickoff Meeting

    A strong grounding in diversity, equity and inclusion practices is essential to optimizing the success of your sales team. Discover the vital importance of integrating the DEI message into your annual sales kickoff meeting.

  • Tracking DEI Progress

    Confirm the critical importance of tracking, measuring, and reporting the results of your DEI initiatives. Review a list of 10 recommended metrics you can use to set baselines, measure your progress, and pinpoint priorities for improvement.

  • 4 Steps to Leveling the Entrepreneurial Playing Field

    Explore this thoughtful analysis of how to change the culture of entrepreneurship to become more inclusive of diverse business founders. Consider the action steps business leaders must take to effectively level the playing field and provide helpful support to underrepresented entrepreneurs.

  • How Does DEI Impact Innovation?

    Want to quantify the positive impact of DEI on innovation and company profitability? Here are statistics that make the case that diversity of thought leads to creative problem-solving, which in turn connects to increased revenue, employee engagement, and retention.

  • The Benefits of Hiring Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

    Hiring people with intellectual disabilities is a win-win for companies and their employees. Learn about the benefits of tapping into this talent pool.

  • How to Determine DEI Priorities

    Here is wise guidance for tackling your DEI initiatives in priority sequence. Leverage this proven approach to achieve early wins that require less effort and resources and you’ll gain traction toward long-term success.

  • How Does DEI Impact Brand Perception?

    It’s worth considering the positive impacts of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) on how consumers perceive corporate brands. Review this quick recap of statistics that confirm the advertising appeal and marketing power of DEI.

  • How Does DEI Impact Decision Making?

    Connect the dots between DEI, expanded diversity of thought, and the generation of more innovative ideas and insights around your conference table. By doing so, you’ll confirm for yourself why DEI leads to better organizational decision making, and ultimately, better results.

  • Why Should Leaders Care About Employee Well-being?

    Learn why employee well-being is a business imperative every leader should care about and how leaders can foster well-being at work.

  • What is Socioeconomic Class, and Why is Social Class Diversity Beneficial?

    Recognize that bias against people from lower social and economic backgrounds is a common form of workplace discrimination that harms both workers and organizations. Learn how fostering social class diversity can increase your team’s engagement and productivity and your organization’s bottom line.

  • How Frontline Bias Can Cost You Customers

    Frontline bias is a term used to describe the negative attitudes and unconscious biases that frontline professionals may hold against customers of particular demographics. Understand how this type of bias can cost you customers.

  • What Are The Benefits of Supplier Diversity?

    Learn about the practice of supplier diversity, what it means, and why it’s beneficial to improving business performance and outcomes.

  • Does ESG Work?

    ESG criteria, standards for managing the well-being of all stakeholders, instead of addressing shareholder needs above all else, have proven to work, even by traditional performance measures. In fact, ESG impacts cash flow positively in several ways.

  • Why DEI Matters on the Front Line

    If you’re a frontline professional, learn how DEI training will help you to communicate more effectively, improve job performance, help your company to improve its customer service, and reach its goals.

  • Answering the Attack: Why DEI Helps Everyone

    When we’re thinking about growing business through DEI and the work that’s necessary to create a workplace where everyone feels safe and has the opportunity to grow their career, one of the things that comes up is naysayers and critiques. We encourage DEI champions and those opposed to it alike t...

  • How Does Equity Investment Work?

    Equity investment is one way investors can support the growth of businesses that are looking to create opportunities and level the playing field for historically-underrepresented groups.

  • Why Does Inclusive Marketing Matter?

    Inclusive marketing is a highly effective business approach that will help your organization make a positive social impact, attract new markets, retain existing consumers, and increase overall revenue and profit.

  • How Does DEI Impact Employee Engagement?

    Review the results of several recent surveys and studies confirming the positive impacts of DEI on employee satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty. Recognize how an inclusive culture empowers employees to do their best work.

  • In a Recession, Is DEI Essential or Just Nice to Have?

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