Acquired Diversity

Acquired Diversity

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Acquired Diversity
  • Types of Diversity

    Learn about several dimensions of diversity including race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, age, ability, religion, and acquired diversity.

  • Acquired Diversity: Varied Life Experiences Create a Stronger Team

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  • Inclusive Language for Acquired Diversity

    Learn to recognize the importance of using language that avoids trivializing or falsely referencing real traumas others may have experienced. Understand why acquired diversity -- the sum of people’s lived experience -- is an asset to your corporate culture and creative problem-solving capacity.

  • Why Veterans Make Great Board Members

    Veterans from all walks of life draw from their military experiences to become great board members. Here’s why veterans make a great addition to your board of directors.

  • How to Make Your Organization More Inclusive to Veterans

    Veterans make great employees and help create a stronger, more collaborative workplace culture. Here are ways you can make your company’s recruitment and employment practices more veteran-inclusive.

  • What are the Different Types of Diversity?

    Consider the multi-dimensional aspects of diversity (beyond race and gender alone) to gain a better perspective on the wide array of groups and intersecting identities that are represented, recognized, and respected in a truly inclusive society.

  • Supporting First-Generation Professionals

    First-generation professionals are defined as people who have moved from a working-class background to a white-collar career. Learn steps to remove class bias from the workplace and instead provide equal footing to first-generation professionals.

  • The Benefits of Hiring Veterans

    Consider the many benefits that veterans bring to civilian organizations, including leadership, communications training, a growth mindset, and a teamwork-based work ethic. Confirm the value of hiring veterans to expand the acquired diversity of your team.

  • How to Become a Veteran-Owned Business (VOB) or SDVOSB, and its Benefits

    Certified Veteran-Owned Businesses gain access to resources, support, and government contracts that can help them grow and innovate in their industries. If you meet the qualifications to become one, being designated as a VOB provides an excellent foundation for your business.