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  • MicroVideos by The Diversity Movement is a 2022 World Changing Idea

    The Diversity Movement joins Fast Company’s exclusive list of global organizations changing the world for the better with MicroVideos by The Diversity Movement.

  • Importance of Empathetic Marketing

    Learn how companies should approach corporate communications to reach their audience in meaningful ways.

  • 4 Steps to Inclusive Marketing

    Every day, more and more companies are seeing the business imperative for inclusive marketing. Here are four steps to creating smarter marketing strategies that will help you grow cultural competency and deliver greater share in your target markets.

  • What is Inclusive Design?

    Learn about inclusive design: what it is and how it can be implemented to attract new customers and increase brand loyalty.

  • What Are the Most Important Traits of an Inclusive Leader?

    Jamie discusses when she first became a manager and the lessons she learned as she transitioned into the role. Her top 2 tips? Listen and treats others the way they want to be treated.

  • Women in the Modern Workforce

    Understanding how women figure into the modern workforce helps companies better align their corporate and DEI strategies with expanded representation. Let’s take a closer look at how women really fit into today’s labor force.

  • What Does Sexual Harassment Look Like Today?

    For centuries, women have faced sexual harassment in society and at work, in a variety of forms. Based on historical context, what does sexual harassment look like today, what are its effects, and what can we do to end it and empower women at work?

  • Why Should Thriving Organizations Invest in DEI?

    Organizations that have historically been successful without a DEI program may not feel the need to invest in DEI. However, even strong organizations stand to gain from implementing a DEI program. Learn how.

  • What is Transitioning?

    Learn what "transitioning" means to the transgender community and what it may involve and look like.

  • How Ageism Affects Young People

    Look at ageism from a broader perspective and you’ll recognize how bias based on age negatively affects younger coworkers as well as older ones. Learn to spot age-based microaggressions that impede the contributions of younger colleagues and learn how to address this form of discrimination.