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  • MicroVideos by The Diversity Movement is a 2022 World Changing Idea

    The Diversity Movement joins Fast Company’s exclusive list of global organizations changing the world for the better with MicroVideos by The Diversity Movement.

  • What are ERGs? Are They the Same as BRGs? Affinity Groups?

    Learn the different between ERGs, BRGs, and affinity groups, and why each stands to benefits your organization.

  • Being Proactive with Trans Inclusion

    Learn a few things HR might consider proactively for trans inclusion such as constructing a gender-neutral bathroom or ensuring safety when traveling.

  • How to Talk About Your Organization’s Imperfect DEI Record

    No matter where your company is on its unique DEI journey, it’s important to communicate properly with employees, customers, and other stakeholders — especially when it comes to areas where your DEI record has been flawed.

  • What is Office Housework?

    Women were restricted to performing domestic duties for much of human history, and there are still remnants of this system in today’s workplaces. Office housework, which includes tasks like tidying up and taking notes during meetings, disproportionately falls to female employees.

  • Most Allies Are Still Not Taking Action; Here’s How to Start

    Understand how to become an effective ally in the workplace by integrating measurable steps toward equality. In this video, we’ll discuss three real-life actions you can take in order to be a better ally.

  • How Does DEI Impact Brand Perception?

    It’s worth considering the positive impacts of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) on how consumers perceive corporate brands. Review this quick recap of statistics that confirm the advertising appeal and marketing power of DEI.

  • It is Okay to Ask Transgender People Questions About Being Trans?

    Learn that most trans folks are open to answering questions that foster knowledge and understanding. But be mindful of the way you come across in your questioning.

  • Ensuring Inclusion in Diverse Work Environments

    Learn how to ensure inclusion in the workplace amongst global shifts in the way we do work. Consider 3 common types of bias and how to mitigate them.

  • How to Act as an Ally When a Coworker Comes Out

    What’s the best way to be an effective ally when a colleague comes out to you at work? Here’s a sample role play conversation that will help you learn to be respectful and supportive. Feel comfortable and authentic in the moment by practicing ahead of time.