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  • MicroVideos by The Diversity Movement is a 2022 World Changing Idea

    The Diversity Movement joins Fast Company’s exclusive list of global organizations changing the world for the better with MicroVideos by The Diversity Movement.

  • How to Talk About Your Organization’s Imperfect DEI Record

    No matter where your company is on its unique DEI journey, it’s important to communicate properly with employees, customers, and other stakeholders — especially when it comes to areas where your DEI record has been flawed.

  • What is Office Housework?

    Women were restricted to performing domestic duties for much of human history, and there are still remnants of this system in today’s workplaces. Office housework, which includes tasks like tidying up and taking notes during meetings, disproportionately falls to female employees.

  • Why Does Inclusive Marketing Matter?

    Inclusive marketing is a highly effective business approach that will help your organization make a positive social impact, attract new markets, retain existing consumers, and increase overall revenue and profit.

  • Character Traits for Leading DEI

    Consider the combination of character traits an individual must have to excel as a DEI leader. Find out what’s meant by the term “growth mindset” and why it’s essential to effective DEI leadership. Discover why self-awareness is an especially valuable asset for DEI practitioners.

  • Most Allies Are Still Not Taking Action; Here’s How to Start

    Understand how to become an effective ally in the workplace by integrating measurable steps toward equality. In this video, we’ll discuss three real-life actions you can take in order to be a better ally.

  • Creating a Diverse Talent Pipeline

    Learn how to adopt an inclusive hiring process to find the best person for the job. Whether you have a diverse hiring team or one designated HR person, there are several simple changes you can make to your hiring process in order to welcome a broader range of applicants.

  • What is DEI? Donald's Take

    Learn what diversity, equity, and inclusion mean and why each principle is crucial to business success. Hear examples of each principle in the workplace.

  • Genuine v. Performative: How to Be Sure Your DEI Efforts Are Authentic

    Many organizations worry about whether their DEI initiatives are performative, rather than genuine. How can you be sure your stated commitment is supported with action and progress? These five steps will help ensure that you are acting with authenticity and intention.

  • How Did Affirmative Action Benefit White Women?

    Learn about the history of affirmative action in the United States and discover why its main beneficiaries haven’t just been people of color. Other women have also benefited, particularly White women.

  • What is Neurodiversity?

    Expand your understanding of neurodiversity, the natural range of variations in human cognitive processing. Learn why the benefits of a neurodiverse team – greater innovation, problem solving and creativity -- make it more than worthwhile to accommodate the work styles of neurodiverse employees.