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  • Who Has Privilege and Who Doesn't?

    Consider the multifaceted nature of the concept of privilege. Recognize that each person has a unique combination of privileges and obstacles to navigate. Learn how we can leverage our privileges to benefit others and build a more inclusive, equitable society.

  • How Do I Know If I Have Privilege, & What Do I Do With It?

    Get a better understanding of the concept of privilege. Discover how to move beyond the stigma, shame, and embarrassment this word often conjures. Learn practical steps to leverage privilege to build empathic connections with others and more inclusive access to life’s opportunities.

  • Privilege is Not a Dirty Word

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  • Can I Be Both Privileged and Marginalized?

    Learn what it means to be privileged and marginalized. Understand how someone can be both privileged and marginalized and how examining our overlapping identities helps us create a more equitable society.

  • Do Gay People Have Privilege?

    Understand how LGBTQ+ folks can have privilege, even though they are also part of a marginalized community. Learn about intersectionality and how it affords virtually all of us various privileges and disadvantages.

  • Do Women Get Paid Less Than Men?

    Learn about the pay gap between men and women as well as the significant gaps between women of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

  • Why Shouldn't I Say I'm Colorblind to Race?

    Understand how saying “I’m color-blind to race” ignores societal biases and inequities that affect people of color and makes it difficult to be part of the solution or broaden our perspectives.

  • White Men as Diversity Allies

    For diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to be successful, they require buy-in from all stakeholders, including White men. DEI means everyone, and White men have as much to gain from DEI as everyone else.

  • Should I Apologize for Past Mistakes?

    Apologizing for past mistakes at an individual or societal level is at the heart of civilized society. An apology is the first step in breaking the cycle of exclusion that prevents us from fully realizing democracy and our highest potential.

  • What is Mansplaining and How to Avoid It

    Discover the meaning of the term “mansplaining.” Learn why this way of communicating makes employees on the receiving end feel disrespected and creates a toxic company culture. Learn best practices for addressing and eliminating mansplaining behavior in your organization.

  • Why is Leveraging Privilege So Important?

    Gain a better understanding of privilege and the fact that everyone has it. Learn how to leverage your privileges to pour into others.

  • What is White Supremacy?

    Confirm what is meant by the terms White supremacy, White privilege, and systemic racism, and the interconnections between the three. Consider how working toward inclusion and equity in the workplace helps to address race-based disparities and prejudice.

  • Does DEI Make White Men the Enemy?

    In this video, we address the misconception that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives make White men the enemy. It’s important to understand that DEI is about creating a more inclusive environment for everyone, not singling out any particular group. Join us as we explore why it’s cr...