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What are Examples of Intersex?

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Do Gay People Have Privilege?

LGBTQ+ • 1m 51s

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  • What are Examples of Intersex?

    Get clear on the definition of intersex. Confirm the broad range of human physical and genetic diversity, and why many intersex characteristics may go unnoticed for a lifetime. Learn the importance of self-education so you can avoid asking invasive, personal questions of others.

  • Why Do Some People Say "Partner" Now?

    Discover why more people are using the term “partner” to describe their significant other. Consider why “partner” can fit more flexibly than traditional, binary terms such as “husband” and “wife” as society’s norms for roles and responsibilities in a relationship continue to diversity and evolve.

  • Why You Should Share Your Pronouns

    Confirm why it’s important and helpful to tell people the pronouns that you use to self-identify and welcome them to do the same. Get practical tips for communicating your pronouns at meetings and in writing. Explore the connections between pronouns, allyship, and inclusivity.