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What is the Difference Between Microaggression and Macroaggression?

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What's the Difference Between Equality & Equity?

DEI Vocabulary • 2m 10s

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  • What is the Difference Between Microa...

    Get clear on the definitions of two words that are frequently heard in DEI-related discussions: microaggression and macroaggression. Benefit from helpful examples of each, recognize their negative impacts, and identify steps your organization can take to eliminate them.

  • What is Code-Switching?

    Ever heard the term code-switching? Check out what it means, when it happens, and why it matters. Recognize how code-switching behaviors detract from employees’ contributions to problem solving, productivity, and company culture.

  • What is the Gender Binary?

    Gain a broader perspective on gender beyond the binary -- the two traditional categories of man and woman. Learn more about people who consider themselves nonbinary, which can mean relating to both of these genders, neither, or a personal identify that’s somewhere in-between.