Cultural Competency & Global Mindset

Cultural Competency & Global Mindset

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Cultural Competency & Global Mindset
  • What is Socially-Responsible Investing?

    What is socially responsible investing (SRI) and why is it becoming more important? Learn how socially responsible investing can have positive social and environmental impacts, as well as a significant return on investment.

  • Using Food to Celebrate Diversity

    Food does much more for us than simply provide nourishment. It connects us to different cultures and presents an opportunity for shared experiences. Celebrating our differences through food and drink is a great way to gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of those around us.

  • Russophobia: How to Navigate Unconscious Bias in the Age of Global Conflict

    Unconscious bias can affect the way we treat others without even realizing it. In today's increasingly globalized world, we must remain more aware of this than ever before. Bias against people of Russian and Eastern European descent may be on the rise, but there are ways to overcome this.

  • What Should Companies Do About LGBTQ+ Inclusivity When They Operate Globally?

    Organizations that operate globally may run into DEI issues when their different office branches operate under vastly different legislation. This is especially an issue when LGBTQ+ activity is still criminalized in certain countries. Explore what stance your company can take to navigate this tric...