FEATURED: Jewish American Heritage Month

FEATURED: Jewish American Heritage Month

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FEATURED: Jewish American Heritage Month
  • Is Judaism a Race, a Religion, or a Nationality?

    Gain a better understanding of the diversity of the nearly 15 million people worldwide who consider themselves Jewish. Learn the variety of ways that Jews describe themselves and how society today tends to categorize and label the multi-thousands of years old culture rooted in Judaism.

  • Can Someone Be Jewish Without Being Religiously Observant?

    Gain a better understanding of how Jewish people may relate to their Jewish identity. Learn that some Jewish people relate to Judaism as a heritage, culture, or ethnicity, but may not be ritually or religiously observant. As with other religions, there’s no singular Jewish experience.

  • What is Antisemitism?

    Jewish people have faced antisemitism everywhere they’ve settled since ancient times, including the U.S. In the workplace, casual antisemitism is more common. Here’s more on the roots of antisemitism and how you can prevent it in your workplace.

  • How To Prevent Antisemitism in the Workplace

    Get helpful best practices for acting against antisemitism in the workplace. Confirm the importance of educating all employees about Judaism and setting policies that promote respect and religious tolerance.

  • What Does It Mean To Keep Kosher?

    Get a quick overview of the Jewish practice of “keeping kosher.” Learn the basic dietary guidelines dating back thousands of years that some Jewish people follow today. Confirm the importance of making kosher food options available in your company cafeteria and at corporate events.

  • Common Anti-Jewish Microaggressions to Avoid

    Microaggressions in the workplace can take a significant emotional toll. Antisemitic microaggressions are all too common, as antisemitism and antisemitism attacks have seen an increase in recent years. Learn common microaggressions to be aware of and avoid.

  • Combating Antisemitism at Work

    With anti-Jewish hate crimes on the rise, it’s crucial to be active and intentional in efforts to combat antisemitism in the workplace. Here are ways to stand up for your Jewish colleagues and help them feel safe.

  • What is Passover?

    Explore the basics of Passover, a spring Jewish holiday that celebrates the liberation of Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. Learn what a seder
    is, why Jewish people eat matzah during Passover, and how to be inclusive and supportive of your Jewish coworkers.

  • What Is Rosh Hashanah?

    Explore the basics of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year holiday. Learn why it’s important to give Jewish employees scheduling flexibility to celebrate Rosh Hashanah for either one or two days (depending on how traditionally observant they are) and appropriate greetings for the holiday.

  • What is Yom Kippur?

    Gain a useful understanding of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, one of the Jewish High Holy days. Learn how, when, and why Jews observe Yom Kippur. Gain insight into how to be respectful of your Jewish co-workers who observe this solemn and sacred holiday.

  • Best Practices for Being Inclusive of Jewish Employees

    Antisemitism in the workplace is often casual and unintentional, but nonetheless real and anxiety-provoking. These best practices will help you ensure your Jewish employees feel safe and respected.