Historical Context

Historical Context

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Historical Context
  • What is Women's History Month?

    Familiarize yourself with Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day -- how they originated, how they’re celebrated, and the value of observing them at your organization each year.

  • What is AAPI Heritage Month?

    Gain a richer understanding of how to observe AAPI Heritage Month company-wide in May, engaging all employees in celebrating the many contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to American culture, including how to extend the value of this raised awareness throughout the year.

  • Why You Should Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

    Educate yourself about National Native American Heritage month which pays tribute to the contributions of Indigenous and Alaskan Native people every November,. Special celebrations and cultural programming throughout the month provide opportunities to critically reexamine our history.

  • What is Mental Health Awareness Month?

    Gain a quick overview of the prevalence of mental illness in our society, and therefore your own workforce. Learn how to address a previously taboo topic, raise awareness, and significantly reduce stigma by observing Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

  • When and What is Celebrate Diversity Month?

    Learn more about Celebrate Diversity month, including when and why it was created, productive ways to observe it, pitfalls to avoid, and how it fits into the bigger picture of DEI programming within your organization.

  • How to Commemorate Memorial Day in the Workplace

    Use this guidance to ensure your organization marks Memorial Day in ways that are respectful, appropriate, and meaningful. Strengthen feelings of inclusion, particularly for those with personal connections to this annual holiday, including veterans and military families.

  • What is Juneteenth?

    Delve into the history and significance of Juneteenth, a grassroots community celebration of the abolition of slavery that has evolved into a national holiday. Learn how observing Juneteenth at your company can enhance employee engagement.

  • Why Are There So Many Labels and Flags for LGBTQ+?

    Understand why the LGBTQ+ acronym has expanded over the years, why there are multiple pride flags, and why these changes matter.

  • Actionable Steps to Celebrate Black History Month

    Learn why the actions your company takes and the relationships you build during Black History Month can generate benefits that last long beyond February. Leverage these five great suggestions for impactful programming that increases employee engagement and drives community collaboration.

  • How Should I Celebrate Black History Month?

    Take a closer look at Black History Month, when and why it was established, and inspiring ways to celebrate it. Consider the importance of encouraging everyone in your organization to participate, learn, and honor Black Americans, not only throughout the month but throughout the year.

  • A Short History of Disability in America

    People with disabilities have been marginalized and excluded throughout history. Here are some of the major moments in American history that have shifted the conversation about disability inclusion and worked to level the playing field around accessibility, accommodation, and workplace productivity.

  • What is the Patriarchy?

    Explore the ways that a patriarchal system is embedded in American society and how it negatively affects women and other gender minorities, including workplace discrimination. Evaluate the damage done by a system that actively oppresses half of our population and devalues feminine qualities.

  • What is the Myth of the Model Minority?

    Learn the historical and cultural context of the “model minority” myth, and why it is both false and damaging.

  • Should I Capitalize White?

    Understand why capitalizing terms for race or ethnicity communicates respect, and how to use language as a tool for positive change.

  • What is the Racial Makeup of the U.S.?

    Take a look at the United States’ racial makeup, how it has changed in recent years, and how DEI programs can respond to and reflect this increased diversity.

  • History of Disability

    The history of disability in the United States is long and nuanced. Over the past 7 decades, much legislation has passed that has changed the way that disabilities are viewed in American society. This video covers watershed moments that have shaped disability rights today.

  • How to Commemorate Women's History Month

    Review these helpful tips for observing Women’s History Month in ways that are meaningful, inclusive, and inspiring. Learn how organizations that “walk their talk” complement education and communication with meaningful actions that demonstrate a commitment to equity in tangible ways.

  • Conceptual Models of Disability

    Our definition of what constitutes a disability has shifted over time, depending on medical and social climates. Here, we’ll dive into five conceptual models (medical, social, charity, economic, and functional) that represent some commonly-held points of view on disability, and we’ll tell you whi...

  • The History of Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a social protest movement that advocates for the rights of all Black people in the face of police brutality and other forms of racial violence. It grew into a global platform for activism and reform after the 2020 murder of George Floyd.

  • What is the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery?

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  • What is Yom Kippur?

    Gain a useful understanding of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, one of the Jewish High Holy days. Learn how, when, and why Jews observe Yom Kippur. Gain insight into how to be respectful of your Jewish co-workers who observe this solemn and sacred holiday.

  • What Is Buddhism?

    Learn more about Buddhism, the world’s fourth largest major religion. Explore some of the central beliefs and practices of this tolerant and evolving religion that began in India more than 2,500 years ago and has 470 million followers.

  • What is Antisemitism?

    Jewish people have faced antisemitism everywhere they’ve settled since ancient times, including the U.S. In the workplace, casual antisemitism is more common. Here’s more on the roots of antisemitism and how you can prevent it in your workplace.

  • A 3-Minute History of Pride Month

    In the United States, June is designated as a time to celebrate and honor the history and contributions of the LGBTQ+ community. The parades and memorials that take place during Pride Month commemorate this history and continue the journey toward equality and justice.