FEATURED: Black History Month

FEATURED: Black History Month

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FEATURED: Black History Month
  • The History of Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a social protest movement that advocates for the rights of all Black people in the face of police brutality and other forms of racial violence. It grew into a global platform for activism and reform after the 2020 murder of George Floyd.

  • How Should I Celebrate Black History Month?

    Take a closer look at Black History Month, when and why it was established, and inspiring ways to celebrate it. Consider the importance of encouraging everyone in your organization to participate, learn, and honor Black Americans, not only throughout the month but throughout the year.

  • Actionable Steps to Celebrate Black History Month

    Learn why the actions your company takes and the relationships you build during Black History Month can generate benefits that last long beyond February. Leverage these five great suggestions for impactful programming that increases employee engagement and drives community collaboration.

  • Black History Month Programming Guide

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  • Is it Okay to Comment on my Black Colleague's New Hairstyle?

    Understand why commenting on or complimenting a Black coworker’s hair can make them uncomfortable or feel alienated from the team. Consider the importance and benefits of focusing your interest and praise on your Black colleagues’ work performance, rather than their hairstyles.

  • What Do I Call Someone Who's Black?

    Understand how language has evolved over the years in reference to Black people, and learn the most respectful ways to refer to someone who’s Black.

  • What is Hair Discrimination?

    Gain an understanding of hair discrimination -- the unfair social and economic treatment of a person or group based on their hair’s style and texture. Recognize the negative impacts on Black women and others with afro-textured hair. Learn how to counteract this problem in the workplace.

  • Should I Say African American, Black, or People of Color (POC)?

    Review a variety of terms that are used to describe people’s race and or ethnicity. Confirm which terms are accurate, appropriate, and respectful of others. Raise your awareness to avoid using terms that are inaccurate and/or offensive.

  • How Can I Make Black Colleagues Feel Supported?

    Learn effective ways to be a supportive ally to your Black co-workers. Consider the importance of educating yourself, listening, and acknowledging the ideas and contributions of Black colleagues each day, not just when racial incidents are in the headlines.

  • What is African-American Vernacular English?

    Recognize the ways in which speech patterns of many African-Americans vary from non-community members, and are often judged negatively. Consider how an inclusive attitude toward this vernacular form of English will create an accepting and supportive work environment for African-American employees.

  • What is a Protective Hairstyle?

    Protective hairstyles were created to protect natural Black hair from the harsh styling sometimes required to conform to social norms of professionalism. Learn how your questions might be offending your coworkers.