Diversity Holidays

Diversity Holidays

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Diversity Holidays
  • How Should We Celebrate Global Diversity Month?

    October is Global Diversity Month, a time to appreciate the diversity of cultures, communities, and customs around the world. Here are a few ways to celebrate Global Diversity Month at home, in the workplace, and in your community.

  • What Is Ramadan?

    Ramadan is the ninth and holiest month of the Islamic calendar, featuring prayer, fasting, and community gatherings. It’s important to be mindful of Muslim employees’ changing needs during this time.

  • Why You Should Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

    Educate yourself about National Native American Heritage month which pays tribute to the contributions of Indigenous and Alaskan Native people every November,. Special celebrations and cultural programming throughout the month provide opportunities to critically reexamine our history.

  • How Inauthentic Marketing During Pride Month Damages the LGBTQ+ Community

    Inauthentic marketing during Pride Month gives the appearance of support for the LGBTQ+ community without being backed up by any true actions. Learn why performative allyship causes harm and how you can contribute to meaningful change as an organization.