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What Is Hinduism?

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What is Passover?

DEI Vocabulary • 1m 15s

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  • What Is Hinduism?

    Improve your familiarity with Hinduism the third-largest religion worldwide, with over 1.2 billion followers. Find out more about the Hindu religion’s diverse array of beliefs and cultural traditions. Identify ways for you and your organization to be inclusive of Hindu colleagues and customers.

  • What Does It Mean To Eat Halal?

    Muslim people who eat halal follow specific dietary guidelines derived from the Quran. These guidelines include avoiding pork, alcohol, and eating only meat that has been prepared according to Islamic dietary laws.

  • What Is Cultural Appropriation?

    Understand the term “cultural appropriation” and how it exploits and harms underrepresented cultures. Explore the important difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation.